Royyo hybrid

Royyo hybrid LED desk lamp

Discreet Complexities
Complex inner technology is disguised by simple, pleasing design, and the result is a marriage of form and functionality. Take advantage of the lamp’s dual purpose by charging any USB-compatible device with Royyo’s embedded, subtle USB port.

Royyo adds a simple yet elegant flair to any space with its pleasing circular design which casts an even and extremely bright glow.

Royyo hybrid can even be mounted on the wall – turning left or right.

  • Connector.

    Royyo hybrid Silver

    Item No. KRDS

  • Connector.

    Royyo hybrid White

    Item No. KRDW

  • Connector.

    Royyo hybrid Black

    Item No. KRDB

  • Connector.

    Royyo hybrid Orange

    Item No. KRDO