Customizing the lamps
Koncept products come with a standard dimmer which lets its user smoothly control the lumen and the light of the lamp. However, for our customers at hotels, projects, etc., we have found that a more traditional approach to the design of the lamps makes for a more straightforward experience for their guests.

In order to accomodate their needs we have developed different designs on the lamps together with Koncept, and now offer our customers products which are designed specifically with them and their customers in mind.

On/Off Button
For the Lady7 Desk lamp an on/off button was implemented instead of the traditional dimmer.

To ensure that all hotel-guests are comforable using the 2nd generation Z-Bar lamp, on/off buttons were installed instead of the original dimmer.

Mounting Options
The Koncept Z-Bar series and MossoPro series come with a range of mounting options in order to accommodate the needs of all our partners and customers.