About Bell Xpress

Founded in 1993 by Bo Frandsen and Søren Hagelskjær, Bell Xpress resonates a will and desire to create extraordinary design solutions for home living. With a focal point of social consciousness and responsibility, Bell Xpress connects with its partners and customers in providing everyone the chance to make a difference through the products they purchase.

In partnering with JACOB JENSEN DESIGN, Bell Xpress has been able to translate ideas into reality. Bell Xpress participates closely in the development and manufacturing of the products, is responsible for distributing JACOB JENSEN DESIGN articles globally, and is in charge of marketing the products. Because of this partnership, Bell Xpress now offers a wide range of home products ranging from telephones to kitchenware.

After years of experience from the productive partnership with Jacob Jensen Design, Bell Xpress decided it was time to branch out, and partnered with LED lamp-designer KONCEPT. KONCEPT is a highly innovative lighting company which focuses on the end-user by designing lamps which have nearly unlimited utility options, coupled with a modern, stylish look. Bell Xpress was chosen as the exclusive importer of Koncept lamps in Europe, and is now marketing the lamps in this diverse market.